Ask and Embla in English

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The thrilling mysteries of Ask & Embla are now making their way to an English audience.

First out is The Case of the Crucifix where Embla’s old schoolmate, Victor the vicar, reveals that his daughter has been catnapped. The villain demands a valuable golden crucifix as ransom. As Embla and Ask investigate the case, they soon discover that an infamous villain is behind the crime. But when Embla is herself imprisoned in a burial chamber, it takes extraordinary efforts from both detectives to catch the villains.

This illustrated detective mystery story is full of suspense, clever wordplay, and unique characters that will keep young readers engaged until the very end. With rave reviews from both readers and critics, this is a must-read for children and tweens who love thrilling and exciting stories.

Private detective Embla and her husband, police chief Ask, are back in action in the town of Fableburg and its surroundings, taking on problems, crimes, and mysteries. 

The stories with Ask & Embla are often placed on the following bookshelves:

  • Detective stories for children 9-12
  • Thrilling stories for children 9-12
  • Adventure stories for children 9-12
  • Detective stories for tweens
  • Detective stories for young teenagers
  • Mysteries for children 9-12
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