Cooking up Murder, Luigi Ferro (upcoming)

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In the heart of the verdant Italian countryside lies ”L’Alba Serene,” a Michelin-starred gem where gastronomy and elegance meet under the canopy of twilight. Here, private investigator Luigi Ferro expects nothing more than a peaceful dinner with his companion, Caterina. However, the evening takes a sinister turn when the restaurant’s tranquility is shattered by murder.

As Ferro delves into the layers of deceit shrouding the establishment, he uncovers not just the secrets of a culinary empire but also the dark underbellies of those who orbit it. From the allure of forbidden passions to the bitterness of rivalries, every discovery brings Ferro closer to a dangerous truth. But in this world, where every flavor is meticulously crafted, so too are the lies.

Join Luigi Ferro as he navigates through a tangle of love, betrayal, and crime. He must sift through seductive deceits and cutthroat ambitions to expose a killer, but the path is fraught with challenges that test his abilities and moral compass. In a game where the stakes are as high as the next Michelin star, trust is the most expensive commodity.

Cooking up Murder serves up a delectable mystery infused with the intoxicating flavors of Italy, seasoned with danger and romance. It’s a recipe for suspense that will leave readers craving more.

This is the sixth title in the series with San Marino based P.I. Luigi Ferro.

The audiobook is narrated by Vinicio D’Agostino.

Approx. Price: $2.99 (e-book), $9.99 (print)

  • Pages:
  • Story by: Matt Borne
  • ISBN:  (e-book)
  • ISBN: (print)
  • ISBN: (audiobook)
  • Date of publication: Scheduled for September 2024
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