Cooking up Murder, Luigi Ferro (upcoming)

In the heart of the verdant Italian countryside lies ”L’Alba Serene,” a Michelin-starred gem where gastronomy and elegance meet under the canopy of twilight. Here, private investigator Luigi Ferro expects nothing more than a peaceful

Undressed to Kill (Upcoming)

In the shadowy corners of post-war Europe, Nicholas Gale thrives in the murky interplay of love and deceit. With the grit of London’s streets and the glamor of high society as his playground, Gale navigates

The Rhythm of Death, Luigi Ferro

At the heart of San Marino’s most vibrant music festival, the unthinkable happens: DJ Ecciti, the star of the show, collapses on stage, turning a night of celebration into one of chaos and mystery. Luigi

They Never Say When

In a world where shadows loom larger than life, Slim Callaghan, private detective, finds himself ensnared in a web more tangled than any he’s encountered before. ”They Never Say When” thrusts Callaghan into the murky

The Art of Murder in Brussels

Nicolas De Wever, a renowned antiques dealer in Brussels, is thrust into a deadly mystery when he discovers a hidden masterpiece. The find quickly turns perilous when an art historian examining the piece is murdered

This Man is Dangerous

Oklahoma Police Headquarters calling all cruisers, all Highway Police.Look out for Lemmy Caution who has today broken jail at Oklahoma City, after killing a guard and Deputy Sheriff.Last seen proceeding in the direction of the

The Secretary’s Assets

This riveting narrative follows Jessica, a strikingly tall secretary whose quest for intimacy is thwarted not by her towering height but by her own shadows of doubt. Wrapped in the cloak of societal standards, she’s

Boarding Murder, Luigi Ferro

Hard-boiled private investigator Luigi Ferro is summoned to an elite boarding school in Ravenna to solve the brutal murder of a wealthy Swiss student.  Amidst polished oak’s opulence and shadowy streets’ secrecy, Ferro unravels a

Manhattan Rock Party

Welcome to the wildest rock party in Manhattan, where anything can happen. As Jennifer Davis prepares to bid adieu to her college days, her parents are no-shows, leaving her feeling abandoned. Luckily, her former roommate

She Wanted to Dance, Luigi Ferro

In the winding, enigmatic streets of San Marino, private investigator Luigi Ferro leads a life steeped in routine and solitude, until a desperate Romanian father steps into his world, clutching an envelope of savings and